PC: Lea Black Photography

PC: Lea Black Photography

Casidie Fladeland, RYT200

 I completed my RYT 200  with Indigo Yoga in Bend, OR; currently working on training in prenatal and postnatal yoga.

I have been doing yoga for about 8 years. I started out like a lot of people do; on the internet watching videos and trying to follow along. Finally, I decided to venture out and try a class. I stumbled upon a yoga studio in town and had an Aha! Moment; this is what I was searching for! Throughout years of going to classes, trying different styles and flows, I decided this is what I wanted to do. I wanted to teach, but more than that, I wanted to share what I fell in love with; the simple, but very deep, personal practice of yoga.

Yoga has given me the tools to overcome intense situations and finding peace in the not so peaceful situations. By giving me the confidence to push forward, to live without fear, and to let go of competition, Yoga has given me freedom! I want students to find awareness within the body through breath and steady movement; focusing on alignment, breath, and asana connection.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your yoga practice. It is my goal to teach with an open heart and embrace each student with love and acceptance.
   “The body talks, and meditation helps” (we just have to listen) ~ MFTP

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