PC: Lea Black Photography

PC: Lea Black Photography

Sigrid Strebe, E-RYT200, YACEP

Sigrid Strebe (ERYT-200) and Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider (YACEP) and owner of Transitions Yoga RYS.

She began her yoga journey in 2001 after being recruited by friends who were trying to gather enough people to get a class started. Barely able to touch her toes and never really “exercising” before, she took the bait and joined them. Little did she know how Yoga would change the course of her life. She began practicing more and studying other aspects of health and spiritual fitness related to Yoga. 

Since that class she has earned several teaching certifications and  studied with  Mary Beth NehlDavid SwensonMatthew Sanford and Tanya Boigenzahn. Being a teacher has put her in touch with students in many stages of their lives, from the very mature to the elite/pro triathlete and all levels in between. Her passion for teaching comes from watching students progress physically but also letting go mentally, finding the balance between effort and surrender.

Combining the strong dynamic flow of Vinyasa, discipline of Ashtanga and the long, and slow lengthening postures of Yin creating a practice that increases flexibility and strength. Proper alignment is essential to prevent injury and pranayama is key to finding the physical and emotional balance of the practice. 

She can now touch her toes and completed her first Ironman.  She also enjoys spending time with family and friends over a good meal and laughter.