Workshops, RPYT & CEU Classes

A Journey Through the Chakras
Saturday, May 18
$40 w/o CEU's
$50 w/ CEUs

Explore your yoga practice on a deeper level as we learn about the characteristics and functions of each chakra and how we can balance them using yoga, pranayama, aromatherapy, and colors. Create harmony in the body and learn the basic principles of this sacred Vedic science.

This workshop will be a combination of yoga practice, meditation, and lecture to fully understand and incorporate these elements. Please bring a journal and pen, yoga mat, and/or cushion to sit comfortably with a bottle of water.

What you will gain from this workshop:

  • Properties of essential oils related to each of the seven major chakras

  • Overview of chakras and what they look like when they are out of balance

  • Demonstration of how to use a pendulum to check chakras

  • Handout on essential oils, yoga asana, pranayama techniques and colors associated with chakra balancing.

Suitable for all levels.