Ermuun Bulgan, RYT200

Yoga has been an important part of my life for the past twelve years. I first became interested after participating in a Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Art of Living 21 day workshop. This was my mom’s gift to me before I left to school abroad. It was a perfect tool for a young person moving into new culture, starting college and away from family: power of the mind and harmony in the body

I come to the mat on a daily basis, to keep a calm and focused mind so I can get the best out of each day. It’s my tool to coming back to my roots (true self), calm the nerves and reflect on life. I enJOY the physical challenge of Asana moving energy around the body and allowing a clear thinking to the mind. And of course a beautiful body as a by-product.

I received my 200 hour teacher training through Camp Utopia, we studied concepts from the basis of chakras and been teaching since 2016.

My style is connecting the body with breath by creating heat through creative sequencing, and a bit of humor and yoga philosophy.  To take ourselves lightly and our practices seriously.

Thank you for joining me in the practice of goodness, looking forward to the continuous learning with you onto this life.