PC: Lea Black Photography

PC: Lea Black Photography

Jordyn Schaefbauer, RYT200

Yoga has been a part of my life since 2014. After I graduated from NDSU my husband and I moved to Bismarck. I really struggled to find my footing in a new town and couldn’t seem to discover my niche. One day I walked into the local tea shop  and noticed a stack of cards on the counter advertising for a free yoga class. I practiced yoga once or twice in college, but wasn’t very confident in my skills. However, I decided to give it a shot. I was so nervous, I ended up calling the teacher before checking out the class to make sure it was okay that I attended. 

Thank goodness for the saying it’s yoga practice not yoga perfect.  During first year I was always tipping over in just about every posture; even Warrior I had me wobbling. Soon I learned none of that mattered; what mattered was how everything started to shift those days on the mat and then carry out into my life. Gradually I began to find the place where my soul felt more at ease. I even started to feel confident enough to bring my practice on family vacations. There I was, on a rock in the middle of a lake in the Teton mountains doing Dancer with the greatest sense of peace I have ever felt in my life. I was focusing so hard on my breathe that the fear of toppling over into the freezing water never crossed my mind.

The more I dive into my practice the more I learn yoga isn’t just about postures. A lot of it has to do with the breath or pranayama. This is truly one of the most important pieces to my practice I carry with me on and off the mat. By allowing myself to focus on breath during a difficult posture or practice, I am able to quell the thoughts in my head and slow down both internally and externally.

As Virginia Wolf states,“I am rooted, but flow.” I feel a connection to this quote because it is where yoga has led me.. I picture myself rooted in the earth, like my standing leg in vrkratsana, strong and ready for anything, but allowing  my arms and upper body the ability to move gracefully like leaves rustling in the breeze.

I recently received my RYT 200 from Transitions Yoga. My hope is that yogis will build up a strong pranayama during their practice through my instruction, one they can return to even when they are off the mat. During my classes yogis will learn to move through a vinyasa with both strength and serenity. To be rooted, but flow.

Thank you for taking the time to  read my page and get to know me a little better. If I don’t get the honor to meet you on the mat, remember to be kind to yourself. We are all divine human beings and deserve to be reminded each day of how wonderful we truly are.