PC: Lea Black Photography

PC: Lea Black Photography

Lisa Watkins, RYT200

 I love life – and I love people – I love listening to people which is probably what lead me to the field of psychiatry and mental health. As a mental health nurse practitioner I have had the honor of sitting toe to toe with many people sharing the very private stories of their lives – crying with them, laughing with them and helping them to find their power and refuel belief and hope into their souls -empowering them to get back to living their lives!

My passion is empowering people to care for their bodies … and their souls with nutrition and meditation, and now with YOGA! What else does the body and soul need? Nothing brings me more joy than to hear the ways these things can change someone’s life! Seems simple, huh? And what a wonderful approach to mental health! I have owned my private practice for 10 years and now utilize a paradigm for improved mental health utilizing nutrition, lifestyle, restoring belief and hope to heal the body.

I started doing yoga about two years ago when those dang Transition Yoga postcards would not stop following me around town!! I finally agreed with the universe to try a class with Sigrid and I was HOOKED. About a year later I found myself in a RYTT class and still NEVER thought that I would actually teach a class! Graduated in June 2018 and have been teaching ever since! I love the stories from people who say how much better their body feels or how much calmer their mind is– the difference it makes in their lives!

Yoga has changed my life, literally elevated my life to a level I never imagined. I hope to see you on the mat next to me or the mat in front of me as a student Lets share the light…and love and compassion with others – the world needs more love.